Understanding of underlying network operations is at the foundation of all our solutions. GSXIP's core expertise is network design, management and infrastructure support. As all IT operations overlay the organizational network, we believe that no solution can be evaluated properly without analyzing its impact on the existing network backbone.

Networks nowadays have become extremely complicated and we not only understand the infrastructure from core to edge but also the appropriate performance criteria to truly evaluate how your network is operating. Our engineers perform baseline assessments to create an accurate picture of the existing network and then utilize this snapshot to create a plan to expand the network functionality and performance.

Our choice of partners reflects our understanding that at the heart of all IT operations is a fully functioning secure, stable network. We incorporate a full breadth of partnerships covering a range from Network Infrastructure, Network Management, Wireless Networks, WAN Optimization and Converged Networks.

Our Inter-networking & Client Server Solutions provide support for enterprise, focused workgroup, departmental, intranet/extranet and e-business applications. Comprising of hardware and software, our solutions ensure server-to-client performance that will keep your organization running at full speed. Global Solution will facilitate pre-sales technical support, solution design, implementation and management support.

Guided by our our professionals will work with you to select products, configure and integrate the installation, and choose service options such as Help Desk support or extended warranty maintenance. From system testing to custom software set-ups, to desktop and server integration, we deliver manufacturer-class quality for your custom builds.

GSXIP Infrastructure Management and Support services addresses the full spectrum of challenges faced by IT organizations in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning, inter-networking and client server technologies, and IS management and support systems. We design and architect the infrastructure and support systems, install the appropriate hardware and software, and institute effective processes to operate a high performance, secure and reliable network connectivity on a 24X7 basis.

Today's Internet and Intranet enabled business practices open the door to millions of end users; exposing Web sites, mission-critical applications, and consumers' private information to more risk than ever before. To succeed in this environment, organizations must allow access to resources while protecting valuable assets and ensuring consumers' privacy. GSXIP delivers solutions to resolve these issues and more, providing the most critical element to any e-business initiative: an end-to-end security infrastructure. The comprehensive security solution from GSXIP delivers the breadth of functionality and depths of capabilities required to confidently and successfully exploit e-business today.

Backed by the some of the world's leading security software and hardware vendors, GSXIP brings peace of mind to your business. These trustworthy solutions are automatically updated to include the latest anti-virus signatures and intrusion policies to guard against malicious attacks. Our solutions complement a complete set of outcome-based service offerings, including assessment, implementation, and audit as well as outsourcing of complete security management.

Modern firewalls are extremely flexible, but complex devices. In the past, firewalls merely screened out unwanted network traffic, but today a firewall can be used to authenticate users, scan for hostile applets and e-mail attachments, or disallow employees from surfing to unsavory web sites. In addition, firewalls can be configured for Virtual Private Networking, or integrated with digital certificates or Intrusion Detection. GSXIP has experience with firewall systems from Juniper Netscreen, Cisco and Enterasys. We can help you choose the right product for your enterprise based on throughput, manageability, security and networking features, cost, scalability, ease of deployment, availability, and extensibility.

GSXIP Convergence Solutions transform client networks into a distributed, unified architecture, regardless of the starting point, and provide a variety of reliable features and services in the areas of VoIP and Content Delivery Networks that are unique in the industry.

GSXIP VoIP Solutions and Products allow clients to evolve an existing circuit-based network into a packet network, offer telephony features and services over an IP network, and provide the option of voice over Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable services.

Voice over IP

GSXIP allows your organization to realize the communication capabilities of the future by partnering with high quality carriers to deliver the best in voice and data communication. With our convergence architecture, you can increase the return from your infrastructure by migrating from traditional telephony to IP-based communications with flexibility and ease, enabling faster communication and optimized business processes.

GSXIP offers users the capability to combine the VoIP world's extensive services and flexibility with "classic" telephony's reliability. One very important "plus" of these solutions is the ability to use existing communication systems and networks while moving step-by-step into the world of IP-based communications, choosing freely when and how to migrate.

At GSXIP, our professionals help meet the challenge of implementing and growing a secure, scalable and reliable wireless business infrastructure. More importantly, GSXIP completes its projects efficiently, and promptly. We work closely with our clients to establish plans and budgets, finalize designs, and manage the necessary resources for network deployment. We have the resources and skills to design and provide the operational support required to meet our clients' business objectives concurrent with network planning.

By utilizing the products and services GSXIP offers, our clients are assured that their networks operate and perform at optimum levels. As wireless networks evolve and equipment is added to address changes in usage patterns and growth, periodic review of the network and retuning is necessary to maintain high performance. GSXIP offers a full suite of post-deployment services through our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center to provide the exact combination of support required.

GSXIP will work with you to carefully construct the application requirements. In today's marketplace, there is an overwhelming tendency to complicate systems for the sake of technology. GSXIP can help you identify when to use technology to enhance your business, and avoid the use of costly applications that do not have a substantial return on investment. In addition to programming technologies, the application development team at GSXIP has a deep understanding of the environments in which the systems run.

Some e-commerce application development firms adopt a project based business model, designing and developing custom Internet-based applications and transitioning the results to the customers’ IT organization for post-development operations support. GSXIP will assist your IT organization in meeting post-development challenges of Application Management and Support including insufficient staffing, poor performance, limited scalability, ineffective measurement, inadequate documentation, and unpredictable or escalating costs.

Our Application services benefit from a strategically scoped, planned, scaled, built and operated infrastructure management support system, ensuring your web infrastructure is secure, available and function correctly 24X7. GSXIP will employ its premier methodology, to scope your application maintenance and support strategy, plan and build operational processes, and scale and execute a strategic operations management support system 24X7.

A strategic IT partnership with GSXIP will provide the following Services:
Application Monitoring and Support
Application Quality Management
Application Business Administration
Application Change Management and Control

There are a number of significant issues effecting current embedded projects: The drive for shorter product development times; The use of higher performance processors; Increased software complexity and interoperability; The desire to restrain project tool and man-power costs. Global Solutions covers all these issues while the traditional or established methodologies are studied, as well as the latest trends and likely future directions.

In every embedded system design, first there is the selection process. This includes the processor itself. But this cannot occur in isolation of the software development tool chain; and other critical components, such as a real-time operating system. The balancing of these sometimes-conflicting requirements is very important and present with the clarity of a veteran campaigner. GSXIP moves on to deal with hardware-software portioning - which is not something the typical PC software developer has to resolve. Similarly, the construction of the embedded run-time environment is studied. This is followed by development tool operation; In particular, the all-too-often challenge of embedded software debug. And finally, the most important part is operation and testing, and an exploration of future trends.