• Managed Services

    Global Solutions offers project management and ownership of the entire process across the life cycle of its projects. Typical projects are planned and managed in five related phases: analysis, planning, design, implementation, and monitoring/maintenance.
    Specific services such as site survey, installation, and operational management may be contracted separately or as a part of a complete solution.
    Traditional managed services companies offer a one-size-fits-all approach, with a standard set of offerings created primarily for large, global enterprises. At GSXIP, we believe that no two companies are exactly alike. That's why we offer a combination of customized professional, technical, and managed services that are tailored to your company's dynamic infrastructure needs.
    Our integrated managed services enable your organization to outsource some or all elements of your IT infrastructure, giving you the flexibility to focus of your core business. These outsourcing services range from on-site personnel augmentation to off-site monitoring, management, and engineering services.

  • By partnering with some of the industry leaders in security, GSXIP is able to provide its clients with the following services:

    Security Assessments:
    GSXIP reviews policies, procedures, and security capabilities with your staff. We then conduct a network and systems analysis. During this analysis, we assess key areas including disaster recovery policy, physical security, and the security awareness of your staff. The product of this assessment is the first-step for customers who wish to evaluate and strengthen their network security posture.

    Security Policy Development:
    If your company doesn't have a Security Policy, or your information technology improvements have outpaced your existing policy, GSXIP can assist in developing a tailored document that addresses your company's specific concerns. We work with your staff to assess your business needs and develop best security practices.

    Managed Security Services:
    GSXIP clients receive comprehensive security monitoring and management solutions without incurring the financial burden of hiring additional staff. Our expert security engineers manage your information security infrastructure, enabling your IT staff to focus on strategic business initiatives.

    Intrusion Detection Services:
    GSXIP Intrusion Detection Services meet the challenges of watching over a modern network by providing high speed sensors to detect suspicious activity, provide forensic data, and determine the impact of network attacks. These services provide the scalability to deploy and manage large numbers of sensors without negatively impacting the operation of large networks.

  • GSXIP Professional Services offer a highly-professional, experienced engineering team to design and implement Network and IT solutions. The GSXIP team of experts take responsibility for an entire project, from initial specification to implementation, testing, and post-project monitoring and review.
    By utilizing GSXIP Network and Infrastructure Professional services, you can stay focused on your core business with the confidence that your investment in technology will support both your long term goals and short-term requirements. Our certified engineers have experience in a wide range of networking products, platforms, and protocols. GSXIP has expertise with the latest technologies and maintains exceptional partnerships with strategic vendors, enabling the design and implementation of a system that best fits your needs.
    GSXIP’s Network Design Services assist you in deploying new IT solutions, migrating existing networks to the latest technologies, and evaluating new services. Our team of seasoned professional engineers selects the network architecture, operating systems, hardware, software and writing configurations needed to enhance performance. Our networking solutions are designed to streamline operations, increasing employee productivity and Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Global Solutions offers a highly professional, experienced consulting team to design and implement Network and IT solutions. GSXIP team of experts can take responsibility for the entire project from initial specification to implementation, testing and post project review. By utilizing GSXIP Professional Consulting Services, you can stay focused on your core business with the confidence that your investment in technology will support your long term and short-term requirements.
    GSXIP Network Consultants provide expert, in-depth analysis of your network: identifying problematic conditions and issues within the network; exposing network vulnerabilities by performing security audits; devising solutions to such problems; and providing planning assistance through Technical Migration Analysis.

  • GSXIP engineers will come to your site and perform a complete site survey along with your IT staff, to make sure that our solution is the right one. The same engineers participate on the project from start to finish, from survey to design to configuration and final implementation, to ensure that nothing is overlooked. This team works in conjunction with our developers to ensure that any specialized design or customized solution is implemented properly and integrated in such a way as to minimize business interruption.
    Our experience tells us that the more complicated the solution, the more risk is often inherent in the integration of that solution. Therefore, we created a highly specialized team of systems and application integration consultants who participate as part of any project requiring complex development and architectural design. On many of our implementations this team member would be considered a project manager who possesses highly specialized technical skills to guarantee a thorough and complete understanding of all aspects of project.
    GSXIP offers flexible IT product forecasting, planning, scheduling and execution methods that will maximize your unique IT requirements and environment. You can use any or all of these methods in any combination of finite/infinite planning and scheduling, depending on your unique environment.