By partnering with some of the industry leaders in security, GSXIP is able to provide its clients with the following services:

Security Assessments:
GSXIP reviews policies, procedures, and security capabilities with your staff. We then conduct a network and systems analysis. During this analysis, we assess key areas including disaster recovery policy, physical security, and the security awareness of your staff. The product of this assessment is the first-step for customers who wish to evaluate and strengthen their network security posture.

Security Policy Development:
If your company doesn't have a Security Policy, or your information technology improvements have outpaced your existing policy, GSXIP can assist in developing a tailored document that addresses your company's specific concerns. We work with your staff to assess your business needs and develop best security practices.

Managed Security Services:
GSXIP clients receive comprehensive security monitoring and management solutions without incurring the financial burden of hiring additional staff. Our expert security engineers manage your information security infrastructure, enabling your IT staff to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Intrusion Detection Services:
GSXIP Intrusion Detection Services meet the challenges of watching over a modern network by providing high speed sensors to detect suspicious activity, provide forensic data, and determine the impact of network attacks. These services provide the scalability to deploy and manage large numbers of sensors without negatively impacting the operation of large networks.