Today's Internet and Intranet enabled business practices open the door to millions of end users; exposing Web sites, mission-critical applications, and consumers' private information to more risk than ever before. To succeed in this environment, organizations must allow access to resources while protecting valuable assets and ensuring consumers' privacy. GSXIP delivers solutions to resolve these issues and more, providing the most critical element to any e-business initiative: an end-to-end security infrastructure. The comprehensive security solution from GSXIP delivers the breadth of functionality and depths of capabilities required to confidently and successfully exploit e-business today.

Backed by the some of the world's leading security software and hardware vendors, GSXIP brings peace of mind to your business. These trustworthy solutions are automatically updated to include the latest anti-virus signatures and intrusion policies to guard against malicious attacks. Our solutions complement a complete set of outcome-based service offerings, including assessment, implementation, and audit as well as outsourcing of complete security management.

Modern firewalls are extremely flexible, but complex devices. In the past, firewalls merely screened out unwanted network traffic, but today a firewall can be used to authenticate users, scan for hostile applets and e-mail attachments, or disallow employees from surfing to unsavory web sites. In addition, firewalls can be configured for Virtual Private Networking, or integrated with digital certificates or Intrusion Detection. GSXIP has experience with firewall systems from Juniper Netscreen, Cisco and Enterasys. We can help you choose the right product for your enterprise based on throughput, manageability, security and networking features, cost, scalability, ease of deployment, availability, and extensibility.