There are a number of significant issues effecting current embedded projects: The drive for shorter product development times; The use of higher performance processors; Increased software complexity and interoperability; The desire to restrain project tool and man-power costs. Global Solutions covers all these issues while the traditional or established methodologies are studied, as well as the latest trends and likely future directions.

In every embedded system design, first there is the selection process. This includes the processor itself. But this cannot occur in isolation of the software development tool chain; and other critical components, such as a real-time operating system. The balancing of these sometimes-conflicting requirements is very important and present with the clarity of a veteran campaigner. GSXIP moves on to deal with hardware-software portioning - which is not something the typical PC software developer has to resolve. Similarly, the construction of the embedded run-time environment is studied. This is followed by development tool operation; In particular, the all-too-often challenge of embedded software debug. And finally, the most important part is operation and testing, and an exploration of future trends.