GSXIP Convergence Solutions transform client networks into a distributed, unified architecture, regardless of the starting point, and provide a variety of reliable features and services in the areas of VoIP and Content Delivery Networks that are unique in the industry.

GSXIP VoIP Solutions and Products allow clients to evolve an existing circuit-based network into a packet network, offer telephony features and services over an IP network, and provide the option of voice over Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable services.

Voice over IP

GSXIP allows your organization to realize the communication capabilities of the future by partnering with high quality carriers to deliver the best in voice and data communication. With our convergence architecture, you can increase the return from your infrastructure by migrating from traditional telephony to IP-based communications with flexibility and ease, enabling faster communication and optimized business processes.

GSXIP offers users the capability to combine the VoIP world's extensive services and flexibility with "classic" telephony's reliability. One very important "plus" of these solutions is the ability to use existing communication systems and networks while moving step-by-step into the world of IP-based communications, choosing freely when and how to migrate.