GSXIP will work with you to carefully construct the application requirements. In today's marketplace, there is an overwhelming tendency to complicate systems for the sake of technology. GSXIP can help you identify when to use technology to enhance your business, and avoid the use of costly applications that do not have a substantial return on investment. In addition to programming technologies, the application development team at GSXIP has a deep understanding of the environments in which the systems run.

Some e-commerce application development firms adopt a project based business model, designing and developing custom Internet-based applications and transitioning the results to the customers’ IT organization for post-development operations support. GSXIP will assist your IT organization in meeting post-development challenges of Application Management and Support including insufficient staffing, poor performance, limited scalability, ineffective measurement, inadequate documentation, and unpredictable or escalating costs.

Our Application services benefit from a strategically scoped, planned, scaled, built and operated infrastructure management support system, ensuring your web infrastructure is secure, available and function correctly 24X7. GSXIP will employ its premier methodology, to scope your application maintenance and support strategy, plan and build operational processes, and scale and execute a strategic operations management support system 24X7.

A strategic IT partnership with GSXIP will provide the following Services:
Application Monitoring and Support
Application Quality Management
Application Business Administration
Application Change Management and Control