GSXIP engineers will come to your site and perform a complete site survey along with your IT staff, to make sure that our solution is the right one. The same engineers participate on the project from start to finish, from survey to design to configuration and final implementation, to ensure that nothing is overlooked. This team works in conjunction with our developers to ensure that any specialized design or customized solution is implemented properly and integrated in such a way as to minimize business interruption.

Our experience tells us that the more complicated the solution, the more risk is often inherent in the integration of that solution. Therefore, we created a highly specialized team of systems and application integration consultants who participate as part of any project requiring complex development and architectural design. On many of our implementations this team member would be considered a project manager who possesses highly specialized technical skills to guarantee a thorough and complete understanding of all aspects of project.

GSXIP offers flexible IT product forecasting, planning, scheduling and execution methods that will maximize your unique IT requirements and environment. You can use any or all of these methods in any combination of finite/infinite planning and scheduling, depending on your unique environment.